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Prior to beginning your project, it's essential to stake out the situation of the planned structures or enhancements on a property. Our land surveyors perform construction staking and conduct survey site layout to know construction plans and to mark reference points before you break ground on the project.


Construction Staking and Site Layout Surveys

Performed to ensure the project is built as per the proposed engineering plans, Construction Staking or Site Layout Surveys is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of new structures like roads or buildings. By staking reference points, you can guide the construction of the proposed instruments on the property. This also helps to ensure that the construction projected is completed as per schedule and budget as intended.

Demarcation of Plot Boundary

By providing the exact marking of your Plot Boundary before the construction work starts, Falcon Survey’s demarcation of the plot boundary enables you to construct within your plot boundary.

Control Point Establishment

The semi-permanent survey control points secured in black concrete diamonds are benchmarks that are used to align the road/Plot during construction.

Construction Staking

Our construction staking and layout services include providing accurate survey control of projects that utilize machine guidance or machine guidance.

UAV Integration to Construction Survey

Used to verify horizontal location, elevation, and the slope of design improvements, UAV Integration to Construction Survey allows you to accurately integrate survey information with aerial photos and calculate quantities. You can now import measurement data from the UAV acquired photos into GIS or BIM deliverables.
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If you are in need of a residential land survey, commercial land survey or telecommunication land survey, Falcon Survey is the land surveying firm for your project.

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Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants is a pioneering Survey Engineering Company in UAE established in the  year of 2007, built on a strong work ethic, honesty and a commitment to relationships. Today Falcon is one of the leading organizations in the field of Land Surveying, Soil Investigation, Ariel Survey (UAV/Drone Mapping), Bathymetric Survey (Hydrographic), Underground Surveying, 3D Laser Scanning Surveying, Calibration Services, Material Testing as well as Geographic Surveys which has International Standard and Quality

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