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Here’s an summary of however 3D optical device scanning will enhance engineering accuracy, shorten project schedules, and improve coordination between engineering project groups.


3D laser scanning is a non-destructive technology using lasers to measure the geometry of an object to make a digital 3D model. This technology is used now in a number of industries and settings as 3D scanning is a perfect way to capture the exact size and shape of a physical object in three-dimensional digital representation.

Laser scanners are effortless and precise in measuring fine details and capturing shapes using lasers and also play a key role in quality assurance. This 3D scanning technique is ideal for industries to measure and inspect contoured surfaces and complex geometries requiring massive amounts of data as well as for reverse engineering, fit and finish and installation applications.

This scanning method enables users to quickly and easily measure current worksite conditions with pinpoint precision. It is a very good thing because they often do not exist in a BIM environment or have lost, damaged or no longer present the present condition of the structures in previous blueprints and documents.



Industrial & Manufacturing Laser Scanning Solutions

We have the latest advances technologies in 3D laser scanning. lets have a look on the overview of how the 3D laser scanning can enhance engineering accuracy, shorten project schedules, and improve coordination between engineering project teams.

The world of laser scanning

3D scanning technologies are ideal for reverse engineering and quick prototyping. With the implementation of laser scanning, measurement and documentation in all industries are simplified and improved. Whether it is to ensure a non-challenging design, to understand a general website’s topography or to detect complex geometries in production facilities, laser scanning technology is key to business generation. Laser scanning is an effective method of surveying process plants and devices in order to gather preliminary data for renovation and upgrade projects. It’s also a good way to accurately survey the current state in the ship and offshore structure retrofit projects.3D scanners are proven to increase your workflow because they are portable, lightweight, and simple to use. Falcon Survey engineering offers a highly accurate portable 3D laser scanning service with well-trained technicians who can quickly acquire the relevant data.

Industrial Total Station Survey

The total station is a primary survey instrument used in modern surveying and building construction that is used to record the absolute position of the tunnel wall, deck (back) and floor wall when driving an underground mine using electronic  survey theodolite in conjunction with an electronic distance meter (EDM). 

When surveying places and obtaining data, industrial total stations are highly beneficial. You have one operator on the TS and the other holding a reflective sensor with manual total stations. The TS operator must align the reflector in the crosshairs of the telescope for every measurement. With an automatic total station, the surveying operation can be completed with just one person on the ground because the total station will automatically locate and position the reflecting sensor.

Industrial total station surveying is highly important for the construction industry, mining as well as meteorology as it helps in gathering accurate surveying information, tracking absolute locations, to determine the height of cloud layers and movements of weather balloons.

Falcon survey engineering consultants is an Authorized Service Providers for total station surveying in UAE -Dubai. Reliable tools and systems and technical support of quality are essential ingredients to maximize productivity on your tools and systems. We offer surveys carried out by high-quality technicians with high-precision master equipment and professional tools. We regularly check, re-certify and operate our service facilities at the same factory level.

HDD Level Survey

HDD is a remote operated surface-launched drilling technique that uses bentonite slurry to support the excavated tunnel, transmit torque during pilot hole drilling, and move rock fragments through a mud circulation system. Horizontal directional drilling has proven to be a useful instrument in the industry. Instead of drilling in a straight path, an advanced HDD survey allows operators to direct the drill head through utility facilities in complex trajectories.

Location and guiding systems are one of the most important areas for technological improvement in HDD survey technology. The ability to identify the drill head, as well as the technology and expertise to do so, is critical to the success of any HDD level crossing. When HDD technology was initially employed for utility crossings, simply getting the bridge across was frequently considered a success.

Falcon Survey engineering consultants are the specialist in HDD level survey and inspection services across Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Our HDD level services are operated and maintained by our highly professional team. A team effort combining skills is the result of the successful design are our major goals in any type of project, including an HDD installation.

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