Bathymetric / Dredge Monitoring Survey

Hydrographic Surveys are conducted for obtaining information on water depth in Ports, Anchorages, Rivers, Inland-water ways, Dams, Reservoirs etc., and is required for Navigation, project-cum-engineering, irrigation, tidal power, tourism, inland water ways, pre-dredging, progressive and post-dredging, Siltation, erosion, pollution, flood control etc.

Dredge Monitoring Surveys

Dredge Monitoring will determine in land reclamation projects, if the quality of fill is suitable for the purpose of the project; in deepening channels, if the correct depths have been dredged; and in all cases, if a project fulfils the environmental requirements.

Falcon offers the suitable equipment’s with the quality standards with the qualified team.

Falcon offers the suitable equipment with the quality standards with the qualified team. 

We are capable of doing the Dredge monitoring surveys including Pre-Dredge Survey and Post Dredge Surveys, quantity calculations and positioning of the dredgers. 

Falcon offers accurate volume calculations for the pre dredge surveys, post dredge surveys, and interim surveys.

Dredge Control and monitoring systems are designed for digging activities. We usually make out underwater, in shadow or clean water areas with the intention of gathering bottom sediments and getting rid of the different location, basically to keep waterways navigable for port extensions and land reclamation.

Port and Dredging helps surveyors are an essential tool for the keeping of shipping, port assets management, tidal modelling, water/sediment quality. We are doing Dredge surveys into a specific area of the sea shore side. Dredge survey can be divided into two Dredge sections. Pre Dredge Survey and Post Dredge Surveys.

Our surveyors used to layout the dredge cuts and to estimate the volume of material that will need to be moved.

Once the dredge surveyors ensure their report data, all the relevant data for the production process, cost optimized control of the dredging operation are submitted to the operators.

Pre-Dredge Surveyors have analyzed and optimized the Dredge survey needs for the problematic locations. Our surveyors used to layout the dredge cuts and to estimate the volume of material that will need to be moved.

A post-dredge survey is completed after dredging has been completed in a specific location to ensure that the problematic area has been removed.

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